Probiotics a $64.02 Billion Opportunity

The probiotics market could become a $64.02 billion market by 2022.  All thanks to growing consumer awareness of its benefits, rising demand for nutrient-rich feed for animals, and increasing demand for probiotic dietary supplements, according to Reportlinker.

After all, probiotics are living microorganisms that, when ingested can provide a health benefit, as noted by Healthline.  In fact, research shows a strong relationship between gut flora (or gut microbiota – the micro-organisms including bacteria, archaea, and fungi that live in the digestive track of humans and other animals) and our health.

In addition, according to DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences’ global marketing leader, Stephanie Udell, as quoted by Nutritional Outlook, “In the last five years, the industry has seen a 34 percent global increase of new probiotic supplements that help stabilize mood and combat stress, as consumers have begun to recognize the critical impact the gut has on the brain.”