The Sky’s the Limit for Drones with the FAA

Commercial drone delivery has gone global.  Plus, with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration set to relax certain restrictions for drones in  public airspace, the sky’s the limit for the industry.

“In January 2021, the FAA added new rules to 14 CFR Part 107 to permit the expansion of routine flights and created four categories of UAS for flights over suburban/urban areas assuming certain, specific criteria are met,” Steve Bogie, DDC’s vice president – Flight Operations & Technology, said as quoted by DC Velocity. “These new rules greatly improve the regulatory certainty for UAS delivery operations in the United States and represent a significant step forward toward UAS integration into the US airspace.”

Even better, the changes could accelerate drone delivery growth.

In fact, as also noted by DC Velocity, the agency is forecasting  “phenomenal” growth, “saying the sector could see 500 million deliveries annually by 2030, relying on a nationwide fleet of 40,000 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).”