Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) Is Unlocking a Global $55.8B Opportunity(1) By Merging CB With Tech

As CB Continues Surging and Becoming More Competitive, Learn Why Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) Stands Out

Research by Sam Roberts of LW Media
September 22, 2021

CB is big business, and momentum is continuing to grow. The world is waking up to its health benefits, widespread support is skyrocketing, and it could be the one thing that both sides of the political spectrum agree on.Companies are rushing into the space to try and get a piece of the pie, and Big Pharma is throwing money at it. Basically? We’re living amid a historic “green rush.”

While many stocks in the space have performed like champions, as a result, the industry has become more competitive and more saturated. Because of how hard it is to stand out now, companies have to work twice as hard.

We came across a disruptive company, though, that looks like the next explosive play. When the word gets out on this innovator and people realize that nobody in the industry is merging CB retail with cutting-edge technology like this company, their jaws will drop.

This company’s operations may not only revolutionize the CB industry. They may have become more technologically advanced than ever before.

The possibilities could be endless. Look at Yahoo! Finance’s green leaf stock list and how it has performed over the last month, especially relative to the S&P 500, for instance.(1)

Keep in mind this is happening during September, too- a month that historically underperforms the broader market. We also have mounting economic headwinds to worry about as well. Yet the green leaf space hasn’t gotten the message.

Get this, though. Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) has absolutely exploded and broken out in the last two weeks. Between its closing price on September 1 to 17, the stock is up a whopping 42.86%.(3)

Not to mention, in the last week alone (ended September 17), the stock popped over 8%.(4)

So while Yahoo’s fancy green leaf stocks have done well enough in the last month, Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) has crashed the party. And it could have even more room to run.

Anything Technologies Media is a manufacturing and marketing company involved in the sales and marketing of CB Health products and software applications. It is the parent company of many subsidiaries and focuses on partnerships and acquisitions in new technologies and manufacturing sectors.

The end goal for Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) is to create a cohesive force by combining the expertise of its team members. In the end, the company intends to use this expertise to carry it forward in the marketplace.

All as it remains under the radar and at a potentially mouth-watering level.

That’s why we put together this comprehensive research report on Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) which we’re thrilled to send your way today. We’re about to reveal the 6 reasons to strongly consider this company ASAP and why it could be the best player in this flourishing sector.

We have a long track record of finding diamonds in the rough. Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) could be our latest and greatest find. Here’s why we believe this innovator could potentially net a fortune: A potential $55.8 billion global market ripe for the picking.(1)

Based on research from Fortune Business Insights, ​​the global CB market is projected to grow from $3.68 billion in 2021 to an astounding $55.8 billion by 2028 at a 47.49% CAGR.(1)

In the U.S. alone, this is also a market that could nearly double from $14.9 billion in estimated 2020 annual spending to $26.4 billion by 2025.(6)

Reason #1: Support For CB and Legal Green Leaf is Skyrocketing

Every other debate nowadays involves public health. From health restrictions to vaccine mandates to abortion, things have gotten heated and personal on Capitol Hill between the left and the right.

Yet, when CB and green leaf get involved, the temperature seems to drop. Wonder why?

Montana and New York are two of the latest states to legalize recreational green leaf, for instance.(7) Could these states be any more opposite on the political spectrum? Have they ever agreed on anything?

Even Matt Gaetz, one of the most conservative congressmen in the House, crossed party lines to support the MORE Act back in December.(8) The bill would remove MJ from the list of scheduled substances under the Controlled Substances Act and eliminate criminal penalties for individuals who manufacture, distribute or possess it.(8)

Things continue charging forward to potential full legalization. On July 14, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, and Sen. Cory Booker advocated eliminating green leaf from the Controlled Substances Act.(9) If passed, the bill would ultimately open up the floodgates for Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT), either by “giving banks more leniency or ending the prohibition of MJ.”

Meanwhile, it looks like the public is rooting for companies like Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT). A new survey conducted by Pew Research Center from April 5-11, 2021, revealed some eye-popping facts.(10)

An overwhelming share of U.S. adults (91%) say either that MJ should be legal for medical and recreational use (60%) or that it should be legal for medical use only (31%). Fewer than one-in-ten (8%) say MJ should not be legal for use by adults.”(10)

The game has changed, and the industry isn’t taboo or on the black market any longer.

Want to find the best way to get in on this?

Look for the innovators doing something different and standing out like Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT)

Reason #2: The Health Benefits Are Catching The Public’s Attention and Big Pharma’s Wallet

One of the reasons people are rushing towards CB is that it has beneficial properties without actually getting you high. CB, in short, is a component of the can-na-bis plant solely developed for medical use without being psychoactive.

There are several apparent health benefits of CB. For example, according to the New York Times, more than 60% of CB users take it for anxiety.(11)

Outside of offsetting anxiety and depression, Forbes Health cites 8 other science-backed health benefits of CB outside of offsetting anxiety and depression:(12)

  1. Treat Select Epilepsy Syndromes
  2. Reduce PTSD Symptoms
  3. Treat O-pioid Addiction
  4. Alleviate ALS Symptoms
  5. Relieve Unmanageable Pain
  6. Ease Diabetic Complications
  7. Protect Against Neurological Disease
  8. Inhibit Arthritis Symptoms

The biggest thing here for Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT)? As a company at the forefront of this industry, the fat wallets of big pharma could one day open its way.

According to the below graph from Canopy Rivers, green leaf is at ‘Wave 3’ in its growth story- consumer packaged goods.(13) The next wave could be Big Pharma’s involvement.

Over the last several years, Big Pharma has been directly affected by the rise of CB and medical green leaf. So much so that Big Pharma is quaking in fear because the entire green leaf industry could poach an estimated $4 billion in annual sales from Big Pharma.(14)

Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ $7.2 billion acquisition of CB biotech pioneer G.W. Pharmaceuticals was a watershed moment in the history of Big Pharma’s adoption of CB and green leaf.(15)

“Jazz Pharma’s acquisition of G.W. Pharma, at a significant premium, demonstrates that pharmaceutical companies are recognizing the value and future potential of CB based medicines,’ says Jason Wilson, a green leaf research expert at investment management company ETF Managers Group. “It is also another example that the green leaf industry is continuing to normalize and evolve beyond the traditional cultivation of flowers, with potential well outside of our borders.”(15)

Not to mention, G.W. shares soared as much as 46% on the news and trading had to be temporarily halted.(16)

Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) could follow suit as Big Pharma’s potentially next darling. Shareholders will want to pay attention because if anything similar happens as Jazz/G.W., potentially life-changing profits could be on the table.

Reason #3: Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) Has a Full Suite of CB Products

1940 marked the discovery of CB. It accounts for up to 40% of the can-na-bis plant’s extract. It is also one of 113 can-nab-ino-ids identified in can-na-bis plants.(17)

In April 2019, CB extracted from he-mp-based plants with less than .03% TH-C was delisted as a federally scheduled dr-ug as part of the 2018 farm bill.(17) This completely opened up the floodgates for Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT).

Today, Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) offers a full suite of products that the general public can legally buy over the internet or even in everyday stores.

Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) continues to actively pursue CB-based companies to bring into its portfolio.

Currently, the company offers the following types of CB products:(17)

  1. Oils

CB oil is the most potent form of CB. Real Scientific He-mp Oil is an oil derived from the natural he-mp plant. It is usually the highest potency of he-mp CB.

  1. Isolates

Isolates are 99% pure he-mp CB oil. It can be eaten, placed in drinks, or even vaporized. It could also increase the potency if used with other CB products.

  1. Liquids

CB in liquid form as a tincture or spray has become popular. They make them in different flavors for those that don’t like the typical taste of CB.

  1. Topicals

Salves and balms infused with CB are becoming increasingly available and popular in creams, face products, and hair care.

  1. Vaporizers

Vaporizer oils and isolates can be used in your daily vaping to get your dose of CB. There are many options to choose from for you to fit your needs.

  1. Edibles

Gummies started the CB edible craze. Now, you can find everything from chocolate to candy bars infused with CB oils or isolates.

Reason #4: Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) Also Has Technological Expertise

Technology is actually Anything Technologies Media’s (OTC:EXMT) bread and butter. At its core, the company is a Multimedia Digital applications, production, and Marketing Company.

At present, Anything Technologies Media’s (OTC:EXMT) plan is to focus on two critical areas-technology development and product distribution, for its own products and those of others.

When it comes to technology, the company’s primary product is ​​

One of the most essential things for instruction is data. Teachers need this data to understand how to effectively teach their students. The best data comes from students themselves, and it usually comes in the form of questions. But many students don’t ask questions because of shyness, fear, and peer pressure. solves this problem.(27)

It offers teachers a way to get up to the second data in class through anonymously asked questions that appear on the board. Shy students can ask their questions in class. Teachers can get up to the second data they need, leading to a thriving learning environment. works seamlessly. The teacher presents a pin for students to log in on their devices. Then they ask questions anonymously and appear on the board.

Reason #5: Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) Continues To Make Innovative Moves In Multi-Billion Dollar Industries

On Aug 25, 2021, Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) announced that its subsidiary, Sonoran Flower, opened its dispensary building in Clifton, AZ. The Clifton building is 12,000 SF located on 2.2 acres and has a dispensary, Infused Kitchen, and cultivation all under one roof. (Source 18) The company has future plans for expansion with an onsite in-door cultivation, processing facility, and infused kitchen. On the additional acreage, the company plans to expand for more cultivation greenhouses.(18)

On the same day, the company announced that it was also looking to begin the build-out of its most prominent building, a 43,000 SF offsite grow facility in Globe, AZ.(18) This building closed escrow in June. This facility has room for an extensive indoor cultivation facility and kitchen to produce a wide range of edibles.(18)

This is just what the company did most recently. Consider its long track record of shrewd moves giving it diversified exposure to potentially multi-billion dollar industries:

  • Organic Gourmet Chocolate(19) – A potential $1.398 Billion space.(20)
  • A potential $140 Billion Skin Care Market with a CB Skin Care Product Line.(21)
  • The creation of a white label delivery service for dispensaries throughout Oregon and California.(22) According to an article in High There, green leaf’s delivery sub-market will be the highest, fastest-growing stream in the entire industry thanks to increased legalization.(23) MJBizDaily also says that “White-label branding might be the MJ industry’s next hot trend.”(24)

Reason #6: Anything Technologies Media’s (OTC:EXMT) Stock and Technicals Show Explosive Potential

Earlier in this report, we mentioned how explosive Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) has performed between the market close on Sept 1 and the market close on Sept 17 to the tune of a 42.86% pop.(3)

Not to mention, in the last week alone (ended September 17), the stock popped over 8%.(4)

But, if we do a deeper dive into the company’s stock, the mind-boggling breakout potential becomes too enticing to ignore.

If we look at the EXMT 52-week chart, we can see that after it touched a low of $0.00030 on or around Nov 23, 2020, it furiously broke out an astounding 3333.33% to its Mar 22, 2021 peak of $0.01030.(25)

Later in 2021, the stock pulled back to as low as $0.00200 on Jul 20, 2021. It then promptly recovered by doubling to its $0.00400 closing price as of Sept 17, 2021.(25)

It is simply hard to find stocks that move like this while boasting advantageous positioning in a booming industry.

So in conclusion, here is why we love Anything Technologies Media’s (OTC:EXMT) so much, and why we feel that its rally is only beginning.

  • Exposure to a booming CB space. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global CB market is projected to grow from $3.68 billion in 2021 to $55.8 billion by 2028 at a 47.49% CAGR.(1)
  • New York and Montana became two of the latest states to approve legalization- yet they both are polar opposites politically.(7) Even Matt Gaetz, one of the most conservative congressmen in the House, crossed party lines to support the MORE Act back in December.(8) A new survey conducted by Pew Research Center from April 5-11, 2021, also revealed that an overwhelming share of U.S. adults (91%) say either that MJ should be legal for medical and recreational use.(10)
  • With Big Pharma waking up to CB’s health benefits, the potential is there for CB companies like EXMT to receive significant Big Pharma investments. Don’t forget how G.W. Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Jazz Pharmaceuticals for $7.2 billion in February.(15)
  • An entire suite of in-demand and innovative CB products.(17)
  • Technological expertise which it can apply to the industry.(27)
  • Earth-shaking moves in green leaf and booming sub-sectors such as organic gourmet chocolates,(19) skincare,(21) and white label delivery and logistics.(22)
  • A stock that boomed in September and by as much as 3333.33% between November 2020 and March 2021.(26) The stock price also doubled between Jul 20, 2021, and Sept 17, 2021.(26)

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