Top Reasons to Pay Attention to eSports Boom

eSports has become big business.

So much so that by 2022, the industry could be worth up to $1.8 billion from $950 million today.

By 2025, according to Research and Markets, that figure could be up to $3 billion. Helping quite a bit, the eSports audience is expected to nearly double from 335 million to 646 million by 2023, as reported by Business Insider.

From here, as eSports continues to go mainstream, revenue is could grow further from sponsorships, advertising, media rights, merchandising, and streaming to name just a few.  Also, consider this.  In 2012, gamers spent about 1.3 billion hours watching eSports videos.  By 2013, they spent 2.4 billion hours with eSports.  By 2019, they spent 6.6 billion hours with eSports.  In short, business is good for eSports.